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I just went on here just to see if I still had followers, and I was surprised to see I still do. I just wanted to say to whomever previously or currently follows me on this account that I have moved to studiofinwhale.
Forgive me for not updating on this fact sooner. Feel free to not follow me or unfollow this account if you so wish.

I’m going to be on hiatus for a bit. My computer broke, so I’m updating from my little sister’s. Should be fixed on the weekend, though.

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Ooh, has he left yet?

Yes, he has. Around three hours ago. Hopefully he doesn’t stop and stare at all the men he thinks are sexy and miss the transition from Narita to Naha.


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fjkajfkdjafkdfjklsafdjvk Jun-Jun is leaving? (I call him Jun-Jun for anonymity sake)

Yes, until late September. He’ll be coming back with my mom then.


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Wow, today was kind of shitty and exhausting but at least I got to raid the carcass of Borders. I didn’t think I’d find anything I was interested in but then I found House of Five Leaves 1 and 2 and popped a boner so massive that when I turned around I took out an entire shelf full of books and a small child.

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eunphi asked: What's your name on argenta?! :D
I'm Ryoki

Um, PRATUS. But I’m still only a LV14, so adding me wouldn’t really be recommended (´д`).